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That Darn DOG

1 Angleton close
South Yorkshire
S2 1NF

Hi, I�m Billie, a dog trainer, and I�m based in the S2 area of Sheffield with my 5 dogs � Bess, Boogie, Dylan, T-bone and Charlie � 4 would have been put down if I hadn�t taken them in and 2 of them are foster dogs. Before I was a dog trainer I used other trainers but they are very expensive and I found their tactics difficult to use so I was very unsatisfied when they didn�t work well. So now, two years later, 3 extra dogs and some better-developed training skills (some well known and some of my own), I�m bringing dog training to you at a great price. The reason why I�m considerably cheap compared to any other dog trainer is because I don�t want a high profit business. I do this because too many dogs are handed in or returned to dog�s homes, or put down due to behavioural problems. It�s not hard to be in control of a �naughty� dog, you just need the knowledge and confidence. Even though in extreme cases you may never be able to let your dog off the lead in the park, wouldn�t it be nice your dog wasn�t trying to eat something or someone for breakfast? Or in milder cases let them off the lead and have them come back, walk down the street without being dragged, go out and not come back to a pigsty. I can even help with puppies under and over 12 weeks. This isn�t like an obedience class. I come to your home and see what the problem is and how you cope with it. I then teach you some training tactics, see how you manage them and how your dog responds to them to ensure positive results. I then return to your home 2 � 3 weeks later to make sure you�re doing well. So please don�t be put off if you live as faraway as Chesterfield or Doncaster, something can be arranged to suit us both. So next time your screaming �That Darn DOG�! Just consider how much a little bit of training could help.

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