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Dog Training in Kent

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We all want our dogs to be well behaved... What we don�t want is our dogs to show signs of aggression, pull on the lead, jump up on people, show signs of separation anxiety, the list could go on and on. was born out of my unrelenting passion for dogs to live happy and fulfilled lives and to show clients that their dogs can�t change their unwanted behaviour until the owner shows change first. Many people believe that their dogs unwanted behaviour is �just the way my dog is� and that they need to train a dog to sit, stay and lie down and then hopefully the unwanted behaviour will go away. Just because your dog can sit and stay etc�. does not mean that he or she is calm and balanced. Owners must realize that their dog is an animal and not their �furry baby� etc� and when you fulfill the needs of the dog, in a calm, consistent way showing leadership, change can be achieved. It won�t only change your dog�s life but yours too. If I can be of assistance to you and your dog, I am waiting for your call. 01689 880286 or 07966 161 558 Change begins with you!

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