The valley of life and death

For centuries the folk would gather around the campfire in the middle of the valley; telling stories, having a laugh and roasting marshmallows against the camp fire to gobble up in delight.

It was perfectly fine until a man from the ‘future’ showed up and told us to evacuate from the valley otherwise we would die.

We refused to leave, this valley was our home like our mother but boy were we wrong the secrets of this valley are to dark for me to tell you…

“RIIIIIIIINNNNGGG” buzzed the smashed ugly alarm clock which had a huge dent on the top in the shape of fist. “Yawn” he dozed whilst smashing his fist into the dent making it deeper. “another day, another life” he moaned whilst jumping of his Oakwood bed walking towards the door and twisting the knob.

The sunlight glazed in making him cover his eyes “good morning George!” shouted his neighbour. “uh hi” he said like something had fallen in his bowel of soup.

He walked towards the campfire ready for his breakfast “hmm lets see what’s on the menu, oh what a surprise” he said sarcastically, looking at the menu. “breakfast; marshmallows Lunch; marshmallows dinner; marshmallows” he said in a annoyed tone “well its something or nothing” he sighed whilst taking a gobble of a marshmallow. Everyone use to love it here but there so use to it now.

Why we stay in the valley I actually don’t know. we cant leave…

I my self once attempted leaving the valley.

I just started walking towards the boarder and got through! I thought I was in a completely new location until I realised I was still in the valley.

It was like walking into something infinite a corridor of never ending doors. What’s also strange about the valley¬† everyday a crack grows but we cant do anything about it and soon it will swallow us and gobble us up like cheese snacks soon engulfing the entire world how I know this? – The future.

t0 bE cOnTinUeD