The stick man to the big man

The Skinny man with stick like legs and the extremely long head was as thin as a branch, if not thinner! Most people referred him as Sticky because he looked so much like a stick.

The skinny man wanted to change his life, so he started going to McDonald’s for a double burger everyday along with fries and a chocolate milkshake!

Within months the skinny man known as the stick man was now known as the big man.

His belly was now as wide as a hippopotamus and his long head was now as chubby as his bottom!

His stick family did not approve of how large big man was.

He looked five times the size of Santa! So his family forced the big slob of meat to get of the sofa with his pretzels and start going to the gym.

After 3 months the big man was now the stick man again!


Penrod The SEO Hero