The flood of food!

Looking out of his condensed blurry window, the little boy was board stiff.

His parents were out for dinner at another cheap diner and the flood had burst the electricity for the television.

He wasn’t home all alone though his older dozy sister was here having another nap as usual.

The little boy Jack tried to make up a game with his imagination in his own little vivid world were anything was possible even food raining from the skies! Jack used his imagination to imagine that the rain was food! all of his favourite nourishments and desserts falling from the sky.

He was starting to get hungry now, so he went to the fridge “nothing…” he murmured feeling hungry he started scavenging for little scraps of food. “I’m going to starve if not soon…” he said whilst splatting his face on the window looking out side into the flood.

Drowsy with hungriness the boy couldn’t think of anything in his imagination world apart from food.

Then suddenly out of no were, in the blink of a eye the tsunami of rain which was once in front of him was gone! “fresh air!” shouted the boy in delight staring up in the sky smiling.

He didn’t know how the rain went away so fast but it just happened! quite a weird event indeed.

Then out of no were a hot dog fell on jack “Who threw this at me?” he shouted, like a cat collapsing into a bath tub. Then another hot dog fell on him then some meatballs and all the wondrous food in the world started falling on him from the sky! “Its raining…Food?” he thought to himself startled by the weird occurrence of events.

He was delighted “I wonder if its eatable” he murmured. Saliva building up in his mouth jack took a massive bite of the succulent toothsome hot dog. “Delicious, palatable the best flavour in the world!”

Then Jack saw his parents car coming up from the drive way “Mum!” “Dad!” he shouted “What’s this mess little man?” said mum “is this your doing jack? “No father it just.. happened!” “well at least we have a never ending supply of food” “Oh and weres Daisy your older sister” having a doze again” I muttered.

And from that day forward The Wiggins family had a Never lasting supply of food.

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The End.