Super Moo Man

They call me Super Moo Man – Honestly I don’t know why.

I’m just a ordinary guy who once helped a cow on a road leading to Shipston-on-Stour make its way back to a farm – Like what’s so amazing about that?

Ever since that day I have had millions of farmers and people calling me just to guide the black and white creatures back to their homes, even a 5 year old could do that!

The other day I heard people talk about me and they were dazzled that I had helped a cow get back to the farm, then one of them saw me in the background and before you know it an ocean of people came over to see me!

I then got a phone call from the director of super man asking me to be the star in there new upcoming super Moo film!

I’m not even that good at acting, they could of choosen anyone but they chose me the “original”.

It was fun making the film but anyone could have done it. The film sold over 3 billion copies on DVD and was released to every cinema in the world.

Nearly everyone knows me now just because I helped a cow go to a farm.

I don’t even have any super powers but for some reason I now live in a gold palace and im richer than Bill Gates.

3745 (the future) Its been 1279 years and im still alive since some crazy professor made me live forever.

If your wondering what its like right now in the future then lets just say, wherever you go, Super Moo Man is always going to be here just because I helped a cow cross the road…

The  End