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BB Pet Care

We are a Calne based Pet Care company, also serving surrounding areas, including Pewsham, Chippenham, Studley, Melksham, Devises. Our founder Chris started the company when, as a pet owner, he couldn't find the pet care he needed at a price that he could afford. Today, we provide dog walking based around you and your pet. We lowered our profit margin, to be able to give cheaper walks to our clients than most other dog walkers around, and also decided to give a better quality walk. This means that you don't pay for a set length walk, you pay for how tired you'd like your dog. We use FitBark technology (like a FitBit, but for dogs) to monitor how much play, running and walking your dog does, and how much energy they have expended. We also match dogs on walks - i.e. dogs that love to play tag together will be walked together, as this initiates constant play! Big dogs that love small dogs will be walked together, as again it provides much more stimulation for your dog. We also run through basic training (sit, stay, lie down etc.) to provide another level of mental stimulation whilst outside. The more walks you need per week, the less you pay per walk, from around £8 per walk. We believe that keeping your dog well exercised and happy should be affordable for everyone. We don't charge extra if your dog needs a rinse off, or drying before being let back into your house - just because your dog needs exercise doesn't mean your sofa should be muddy! So why not request a quote today and find out how much you will save on dog walking.

Grayling Close
SN11 9QT

BB Pet Care Calne Wiltshire
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