Where to Buy a Fake Billy Mask – Billy Murphy The Young Offenders

Where to Buy a Fake Billy Mask – Billy Murphy The Young Offenders After last weeks post I’m Billy Murphy I’ve watched The Young Offenders series from the start again and want to know where can I buy a Fake Billy Mask? The producers of the show have missed a trick there if they haven’t… Read More

Pest Control Maidenhead

Pest Control Maidenhead Providing Pest Control in Maidenhead and surrounding area of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire. Commercial pest control services Maidenhead Commercial pest control services for catering – pub – restaurant establishments, care homes, private schools, estate agent referrals, residents associations – blocks of flats, offices / retail premises, etc. Pest Control Maidenhead Maidenhead Berkshire… Read More

Huega Launches New Dog Walkers Directory

Huega Launches New Dog Walkers Directory We are pleased to announce the soft launch of the new Huega Dog Walkers Directory. With well over 500 dog walkers currently listed we have created a system that enables people to find local dog walkers by town or county. Registration is free to all independent dog walkers and… Read More

Penrod Gets Called A Lot Of Things

Penrod Gets Called A Lot Of Things Learn how you improve your Google rankings with these fantastic SEO Tips from our very own SEO Hero Penrod Shero.

SEO Hero Image

SEO Hero Image Why did I not use this image consistently throughout the SEO Hero Competition?

What have we learned from the SEO Hero Challenge?

SEO Hero Challenge – The Story so far – What have we learned from the SEO Hero Challenge? With the 1st 5 weeks of the SEO Hero Challenge now over I have decided to keep a diary of the Penrod Shero Activities during the competition. Initially I was making daily posts, but decided that as… Read More

My Christmas list

My Christmas list Hello, this is my weird Christmas list. 😀 . UDG Creator Novation Launchpad Pro Hard case (Black) . Indoor trampoline . Funko Pop Figures . Indoor/outside basketball hoop . Nerf gun . Table tennis table . Would you rather? (board game) . Stratford monopoly board game . A new pet? . Pokken… Read More

Jimmy the Scarecrows Winter

Jimmy the Scarecrows Winter Jimmy Scarecrow led a sad life in the winter. Jimmy’s greatest grief was his lack of occupation. He liked to be useful, and in winter he was absolutely of no use at all. He wondered how many such miserable winters he would have to endure. He was a young Scarecrow, and… Read More

Head Grayhem

Head Grayhem Head Grayhem was a tall man with powerful shoulders, a fierce dark face, and eyes that seemed to flash and glitter with savage laughter. It was a face to be dominated by, or to fight: never a face to patronize or pity. All his movements were large and perfectly balanced, like those of… Read More

The valley of life and death

The valley of life and death For centuries the folk would gather around the campfire in the middle of the valley; telling stories, having a laugh and roasting marshmallows against the camp fire to gobble up in delight. It was perfectly fine until a man from the ‘future’ showed up and told us to evacuate… Read More

The flood of food!

The flood of food! Looking out of his condensed blurry window, the little boy was board stiff. His parents were out for dinner at another cheap diner and the flood had burst the electricity for the television. He wasn’t home all alone though his older dozy sister was here having another nap as usual. The… Read More

Super Moo Man

Super Moo Man They call me Super Moo Man – Honestly I don’t know why. I’m just a ordinary guy who once helped a cow on a road leading to Shipston-on-Stour make its way back to a farm – Like what’s so amazing about that? Ever since that day I have had millions of farmers and… Read More

The Stick man to the big man

The stick man to the big man The Skinny man with stick like legs and the extremely long head was as thin as a branch, if not thinner! Most people referred him as Sticky because he looked so much like a stick. The skinny man wanted to change his life, so he started going to McDonald’s… Read More

The Evil Big Fat King

The Evil Big Fat King There was once a big fat king, He wore a big coal black duffle coat with a used handkerchief in his pocket. He always had a smug look on his pale face. He had a top hat swaying above his head like a chimney that father Christmas could fall down…. Read More